Urgent properties wanted:

Are you a landlord?

  • Have you had any problems letting your property quickly?
  • Have you ever had problems managing tenants or finding good contractors?
  • Well your problems are no more.
  • We are property maintenance company first and foremost, we also let and manage properties.
  • At ARL we have listened to landlords and property managers to produce a one stop shop that does it all.
  • We'll take your property off you immediately already let or empty.  We will then look after your property and guarantee your rent comes to you regardless of what condition the property is or the tenant is paying rent or not.
  • As a property owner you want to let your property and have zero headaches from your investment.
  • Well we can certainly offer that.  We can take your property, guarantee the rent comes to you and fix all the problems free of charge.  This means you simply get your money with zero headache for up three years at a time.  A lot of our landlords are overseas, simply logging into their bank account each month to observe their rents coming in.

We offer the following services:

  1. 1)  We can let your property within 48 Hours with guaranteed rent. We achieve this by becoming your tenant and paying your rent each month by standing order. This means if your property is let or vacant you will still be receiving your rent.

  2. 2)  We can manage an already let property by taking over your management agreement. We will then chase your tenant each month for rent to insure it gets to you on designated times and as hassle free to you as possible. Charging only £50 a month or 5% of the property rental value whichever is the greater.

  3. 3)  We offer a property maintenance service, offering cheapest maintenance rates possible and no middle man to pay commission we will attend to repairs and fix them instantly then issue you with an invoice typically £50 for most small repairs including boilers.

  4. 4)  We can let your property commission free insuring you get every penny of your rent without worrying about losing your first month’s rent to agency fee’s.

  5. 5)  Where a property is in disrepair we can get a maintenance team to bring it up to scratch within a maximum of 7 days so you can start receiving rent immediately. We can even pay for the maintenance for you and negotiate it into the management package and recover the money over the year.

  6. 6)  We offer short and long term property maintenance or management programmes.

  7. 7)  In cases where we are in full management we can guarantee the condition of the property

    with a deposit bond of up to 4 times the monthly let agreement. With quarterly inspections

as standard we will fix all and any problems found instantly our selves without a singular additional charge to the landlord.